Atelier Jeannette Edles aus Leder & Stoff
In Deutschland erdacht; In Deutschland gemacht!
Handmade in Germany
Seit über 50 Jahren produziert die Firma Atelier Jeannette
Edle Taschen aus feinstem durchgefärbten Italienischen Rindleder.
Es ist keine gewöhnliche Tasche, es ist Kultur, es ist Atelier Jeannette!



Atelier Jeannette has been available in the finest stores of Europe nearly 50 Years! Now, due to the Internet our fine products are made available to you and as well as the entire world. Atelier Jeannette is a Family owned and operated company with a long tradition of designing and producing the finest handcrafted Bags. We utilize the highest quality materials in Textiles and Finest Italian Leather, and cow hide in "Kroko Look". It's not just a ordinary Bag, it is culture, it's Atelier Jeannette!


Atelier Jeannette Designed and Made in Germany!







Ladenfachgeschäft in Leipzig

Atelier Jeannette

Lederwaren im Barthelshof

Hainstraße 1

D-04109 Leipzig




Mo-Fr.11:00 - 18:00 Uhr

Sa.     10:00  - 17:00 Uhr